three stories told to me at different times by one person(you may not want to read the second story as it is quite disgusting):

"when we were kids our parents never bought us tricycles or bikes or anything. so my brother, he was about 7, went around the neighbourhood and stole some. three our four for each of us. i got tricycles, 'cause i was only three. our parents never asked where they came from, and none of the kids or their parents ever asked for them back. so we all had way more bikes and tricycles than any of the other kids in town. we never rode any of them much. mostly they just layed on our lawn."

"the grossest thing i ever saw was. well, there was this kid. real wierd. he was the principals son. um, really wierd, like once he was swinging on this swing and somehow caught his cheek on the swing's chain and it tore a hole right through his cheek and the first thing he did was run to a water fountain and squirted water through the hole in his cheek and called everyone to look at him squirting water through the hole in his cheek. so, yeah, there was something wrong with him. strangest kid in town. anyway, once, a bunch of us and him, we're out playing with the bigger kids and we start playing dare. the big kids dare all us to do a bunch of stupid pretty normal things and we do it to try to impress them. then this kid. the one i was saying before he says, 'you should dare me to do something.' he says, 'you should dare me to suck off that dog.' he was about 10 years old. and, all the older kids thought, there is no way he'll do that, so they said, 'yeah right, sure, we dare you.' and then, well, he did. the most horrible disgusting thing i've ever seen. i wish to god i never had."

"you know i used to take my brother out for walks after the accident, but it was just too much. he got so mean. we'd walk down the street and he'd try to scare everyone we passed. scream at them, or try to touch them, or grab them, or just stare them down. i didn't think people should have to put up with that, and i couldn't get him to stop. so now he just stays in his room all day. when i go to visit he tries to attack me. i just hold his arms. i say, 'go ahead, hit me. but i never try to hurt you. why would you hurt me?' i think he understands, 'cause usually then he stops. he never used to be mean at all. there's not even a little glimpse or hint of the person he was before it happened."

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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