as we walked up the path

the rocks became hot white

blinding fire we sat down

and watched the trees sway

arrhythmically on this windless day

the ground grew and retracted

beneath us and we could see where

not just the world,

but space and time ended, just

beyond the nearest mountain

our voices were magical vibrations

with hisses and wind we created

sparks showered through the tree tops

we were walking through the forest

and she wiped her spit on his sleeve

he complained and she said

"don't worry, now we're spit partners!..."

and a long pause then she let escape

this really quiet and hope-filled

and serious and somehow sad sounding "forever" that echoed through the trees

i bounced off fallen branches and let

myself sink into the moss

revelations came and went flowing

the sun never set

the clouds were alive and rushing

the distant cars caused earthquakes

i can't describe the beauty

and the joy and the wholeness

but i'll say that it wasn't raining on us

we were up high enough in the rain that

it was suspended in air about to fall

and we were picking up the earth to smell its dirt

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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