if we get the technology

so that normal communication

is no longer necessary,

so that we can instantly transform

any thoughts to visual aides

feelings directly to other people's pysches

(audio instantly created

smells and tastes generated

and so on

just by thinking them)

...the true meanings of the thoughts

exactly perfectly understandably

and communicated to all other humans with the same

bio-technology installed in them at all times

theeeennnnn: language will die because

the symbolic and symbolized will

actually become one and the same

and ambiguity will die with it

and maybe the what that is humanity



like dried out orange peels slowly shrivelling on a plate

to slow for us to see until they're

hard and curled

like sand deep inside your ears that you can't help but push in further into the eardrums

like standing outside on the corner of a four-way stop waiting for a ride and everyone thinks you're waiting to cross and they stop for you and wait for you and after a few cars you stop bothering to wave them past and just let them sit until they realize themselves that you have no intention of crossing the street ever at any point which for some people takes a really really long time

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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