one single person standing

on the asphalt

as if it didn't matter.


hey, remember that day

where we rode the city bus together

and we would always hold our palms against each other's


and yours would always be so much larger

then we'd clasp them together

and be like that for the whole ride

while watching the streets blur past

we all try so hard to be different

we end up the same way we started

i don't even get why they try.

we're all the same.

we all desire.

everything should be made out of denim.

you know what would be funny?

if our flag was made out of denim.

yeah, but then it'd be blue.

they could make coloured denim.

those shoes? they should be made out of denim.


you're walking too slow.

hurry up, a senior could walk faster than you.

we kept stepping on her heels by accident.

you're cold.

a statement, not a question

like, "you cold?"

but, "you're cold."

so we stood, huddled

my head on your chest

face turned away

staring at the weirdos who talked to themselves

unaware of the people around them.

we later found out he had one of those motorola blue mobile talk/instant messengers, and had an earphone in his ear with a mic on it, talking to a friend.

he really did look a bit insane or high though.

i guess i do too.

i offered you a chocolate cupcake, but you wrinkled your nose and refused.

you referred to the icing covered hand

as "the sticky hand"

but you held it anyway.

and so now

this is loneliness.

there is no holiness in the world.

hey, remember when i climbed the roof of some building, and couldn't get down

and you were there

quicker than

then what?

you were there, hands carefully drawn around my legs

bringing me down.

the moon sucks. the sun is much better. we can all live without the moon. maybe but out the stars and keep those.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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