this indian's head

appeared in the sky

about a quarter of my vision

and explained how

my reality was just him

inserting movieframe-like perceptions into me

at very high speeds

like what i see think do feel smell make hear

was all just him

and i thought this was kind of funny

and if something like that was happening

then he was just creating the reality of seeing him there right now, and so he might be something completely different communicating with me in a completely different way

and then he was also creating my thoughts about me thinking about it so there was nothing there from me and my questioning of him was completely irrelevant

and then he was making me realize the irrelevance of the questioning and it was becoming an infinitely recursive thought pattern and i just started giggling to myself

that was poorly explained

but maybe you'll understand

he was transparent in most places and grey where he wasn't

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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