diamonds in the mine

is the best leonard cohen song

not because of the words

or the music (it wouldn't even

come close in that respect)

but because he loses the usual

control of his voice that sounds

like he's singing directly

the words that god has told him

the underlying calmness and perfection

in every other one of

his songs, even when his rhythm is

sometimes strange or his pitch is a little

off or he's despairing or angry or

full of joy, it is still there

a sacredness in his voice

it's not there in diamonds in the mine

and i realize when i hear it

that he is just another human

who's created so much beauty

while living through the same shit that we all do

and by not letting life consume him

and by not trying to consume life

just by letting it happen

this is what makes him a holy man

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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