my tongue longed for raindrops from a cruel sky with a
single lonely cloud; the air was dry and the trees were thirsty
too, so i wept unto the leaves and watched the salty drops fall
onto the earth where they spread and made the ground soft in small spots.

you came as the winter; you came as the snow: a quiet storm
that quenched my thirst and let me know i was loved, and i let
you know that i would surrender to the cold that you brought
in your hands - hold them out, palms up, and we will worship what's good.

i should have seen you coming, but i was busy watching the
blackbirds leaving and listening to the dogs wheeze in the
sunlight, so when i felt your breath it made my bones shake

with surprise and you could hear them resonate and i could
hear melodies played on harps as i shivered at your touch -
i took my shoes and socks off and let you take what you wanted.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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