a new season begins

but the same old winds

blow cold on your skins

when i see a man's hands shake

i want to explain to him

that that's why breakfast

is the most important drink of the day

it'll steady you

if you were in the circus

or travelling with a freak show

and you fell in madly love with the bearded lady

if, the first time you went to make love,

she undressed and you saw that

the bearded lady

shaved her pussy

that would make you smile bigger

than any other naked body had yet

later, she would be like

"hey, you've been down there eating me for six hours now, why don-"

and you'd be like

"mmmph, um, yeah, just give me ooonne more minute"

i do remember the sound of your voice

but in memories it always sounds like

you're over in the next room

but the walls are thin

and sometimes you still sing

and sometimes i still dance

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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