i've been devouring blue skies daily

and i get so thirsty by when night falls

so i drink the stars resting in your teardrops

that start flowing every time he calls

he wasn't much(or: he drank to much) but he was such a good dancer

and he was the first man who saw you nude

you miss his touch, but that's not why you answer

it's to hear about the sad dreams he has of you

people who hope to die in their sleep

should sleep out in the street

jason turner is a liar and a piece of shit

he owes me 1366 dollars

if you know him or meet him, you should tell him both those things

his mom is a terrible person, too

and fucked up badly in raising him

i have got enough money for food though

and to keep warm

even though my coat and mitts are torn

and to go to the bar, of course

with friends, of course

my feet melt the snow

and that makes me sad

because i like the snow better

just existing seems cruel

walking around is an atrocity

a crime against the world

uncovering wet dirt

counting nothing just as high as i can

if i felt something i'd feel threatened

i'd see colours in world not just my head

get some rest, then get out of bed

instead of staying there getting more tired and restless

until i'm hungry

but i never eat until after 6pm

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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