is back

that is probably the best thing

to happen to this dot com and now

i'd come to you but i'd need a compass

i mean compassion, not a compass

i have the way, but not the why

we attacked serpents with sticks

not realizing our sins are the same

children, the path to heaven

is not through me

i'm wondering where

the good ones have gone, too

when the sun rises a second time

we should have by then stopped spinning

round it and been barefoot

floating speaking only truths

in future tense

but instead we'll just walk barefoot through wet grass while we chew licorice root

but instead we'll bundle up our sadness and set it free

it'll loom so large over this earth

that people with think it's a new bitter moon

we'll build robots to keep our homes clean and remind us of things

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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