the sun will die too

and for that i say

fuck you sun

you're nothing, either

i'm going to step outside

of nothing

but if you're gonna walk

you're gonna fall

the only real choice is

you can lie down gently

or you can break some bones

after you flail and try

to take just one more step

before you hit cold hard dirt

if you're trying to learn to sing, you got to learn to hold the notes you do hit, before you start worrying about hitting the right ones.

i don't know how to sing. but i sing more than anyone i know.

if you were a member of whitesnake

i wonder if it would hurt you

everytime you saw one of your

albums sitting in the dollar bin

i just ate an ant that was crawling on my arm. because someone i love told me to. i put it into my mouth and it was alive and moving until i crushed it with my tongue and then i just tasted sour. like a sour soother. sometimes i'll find an ant in the house and carry outside and put it in dirt. and now i guess sometimes i swallow them. either way they don't seem as strong as they should. nothing i touch does. bugs, steel, skin, glass, plants. it all feels like it'll come apart any second. only my molecules are held together tight. the other day i woke up a little bit forty five minutes after i went to sleep and an hour before i had to get up for work in someone else's house, and in my half-conscious half-asleep state i looked over at what time it was on their alarm clock and picked it up and threw it down hard on the hardwood floor. because the thought of it going off in an hour horrified me. my stomach ached until i fell back asleep, and then i woke up on my own when i was supposed to. the clock was ruined. my girlfriend woke up next to me and i say that i broke the clock and she should tell the people living there i'm sorry i'll get a new one. and that i'm sorry i gotta go now. i picked my wet socks off the hardwood floor and start to put them on, but they were wetter than i thought. so i go barefoot. it was pretty and rainy outside and an old man was walking his dog, slowly. i knew she was gonna make up some lie about the clock. because, that is something i know about her.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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