not fallen

maybe falling

i'f i'm lucky

when there's a bad kiss

it's ok it's fine

'cause you know

there can be a thousand more

each one maybe a hello or a goodbye

or a mighty shout or warmth

flowing or a declaration

of war or a firm handshake

or an explanation about how

the stepping on ground muddy from the

snow melting in spring makes you feel

or a wild push toward an edge

that neither of you can see past

or a quick check for a hot

pulse or just a mutual

giving up of as much space as possible

letting those that need it

more have those precious inches

that we would have been apart

or an attempt to taste moments(

sweet ones and salty

) not yet born

or luck smacking each of us solidly with no apologies and no remorse

or a soft beat in a rhythm

beating slowly or a distraction from

the rest of our bodies moving apart

or a holy blessing

or sharpness

or honey and strawberries

or goodbye and goodbye and goodbye again

when they're coming

it seems like they'll keep coming endlessly

and a bad kiss is just a small missed opportunity

but i know when they're not coming

i've looked back on a thousand kisses

sharedandstolen and givenandreceived

and thought god damn

a thousand and one would have been

so much more

there could have been a kinder hello

or a bittersweet goodbye

with a bit more agony

but a bit more joy

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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