today i was walking away from the school

and i heard these guys behind me saying

how they were getting strippers for some

thing on the weekend and talking about

how they were going to make the

strippers fuck them and suck them off

and trying to decide the best way to go

about that: like which strippers they

had heard were dirtiest and what to say

to them to talk them into it and if it

was a better idea to hire a few of them

or to just hire one and have extra money

to give her so that she would do more

than strip

i slowed down my walking so that they

would catch up to me and i could see who

they were

and they were three boys about my age

dressed very well like dkny and kenneth cole and so on, gelled hair and side-burns, skinny skinny

their conversation changed to how much

pot they were going to buy for the party or whatever

i stopped paying attention

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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