last night i asked this girl to dance

and she told me she couldn't because

her ankle was too sore

i said still?

she said yeah, it's still all swollen and gross

i said let me see!

and she said no

but then she took off her shoe and her brace

so i lifted her leg to my lap and let

her swollen, discoloured, misshappen ankle

rest in my left hand

looked in her eyes for a second and

realized it was a moment as profound

and intimate as either of us had had

even though we're not that close

and neith of us could probably explain why

tonight at 4am i was driving my friend home

he's come back from japan for a week or so

and we're tired so the conversation is dead for a bit

i notice the trees swaying like they're drunk, in love, and listening

to billie holiday sing don't explain

while i'm thinking about how panda bears

learned to live off bamboo

with a carnivore's digestive system

they gotta spend all day eating stuff that's close to worthless to them

and how we are all getting in that same situation

with the things we consume, that're more important than just food

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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