when you said you'd love me

i thought you were a romantic

not a prophet of doom

but after our souls got to

know each other

the eschaton couldn't come too soon

now the universe is collapsing in on itself

our surviving grandparents are all in poor health

children are dying and when they go they leave behind

the most terrible silver ghosts that shine and shine

the sun is weeping as it murders the innocent

their angels rain down on us as we cry and repent

the smart ones have hung themselves from trees beneath these red skies

at night, the moon's reflected so clearly in their bulging eyes

every morning we wake up cursing our own blood in our veins

for the air that it carries, and the life it sustains

the road that we're travellin's getting thinner and thinner

and christ ain't coming back to save one single sinner

we don't think for a second that we might be blessed

there's nothing warm in our eyes

nothing warm in our chests

our faces look/our hearts feel weary as all of the rest

our final words

will not be heard

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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