you swallowed the sea

then i swallowed the sun

it would be a poor decision to be kind

now that the earth is ending quickly and all of destiny is done

i've been stranded and broke before

i learned to walk

my spirit learned to float

i was a waterfall

i was a wooden boat

my pants wore holes through the ass

then the knees

before they fell apart at the seams

before i wore away all the cartilage

between my bones

look at what today did, then look away and see six million people living in tomorrow

going to work in skyscrapers

every raindrop knows all of your future

someday, you will be the rain

and you'll know too

and then i'll say

i told you

if you're lucky you'll fall on a love letter

someone is reading while they wait for the bus to come

and make the blue ink run

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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