our love will shine bright as christ's name is sung at christmas time
and what darkness can there be - night and death will seem like
sunshowers in the springtime when our eyes meet and spark
with the knowledge of what dreams stumble, lazy, through our minds.

i will love the drops of rain resting on a rose's petal
without hiding the joy their beauty brings and, while my love
for you is not like my love for anything else on this earth,
i'll let it seem the same to others - they'll only see its glow

i won't let them see where it comes from, though, or how complex
the crystals we both must hold to reflect all the blues and greens
so beautiful across our lives and i'm sure i wouldn't

know all the angles cut into them anyway, when
just holding your hand brings me warmth like i've never felt and
reveals feelings so rare that they've never been given words

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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