sadness sits in your gut

forever and you can feel

it and it's heavy there

you don't want to move

sadness sits in your gut

since you watched out

the greyhound window

as she got smaller with

the town you left

sits in your gut while

you get another chance

to do everything wrong

one more time with another

and everything is just different

some things better some things worse

some things neither but it

is all different and that's

always there to distract you

and anything even kind of the same

just seems creepy

it sits in your gut and you

don't want to fight about

anything because you know

the only thing worth fighting

is your own regret

there are stomach aches and bruises

there are money problems and car problems

there are rashes and wrecked ankles

there are swollen bleeding gums and sleepless nights

and together or alone

we'll find the days too hot

we'll find the nights too cold

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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