people who clench their fists are trying hard not to let go of any love
my bones have stopped making sense
it is easy to be good
a good person
the hardest part is remembering that
the hardest part is remembering what
the hardest part is (remembering)

after three days playing out in the sun

swimming in a lake and drinking too much beer

plus fireworks and friends and frisbee and chess

it seems dumb to be indoors again at all

some how i forgot to put sunscreen only on my left shoulder

it is bright red and my face is bright red and the rest of me is pale, pale white

i just watched invincible, herzog's newest film

and you should watch it too

there are jellyfish and there are crabs

the jellyfish are soft and blue and translucent and graceful and beautiful swimming separate in the water

the crabs are hard and red and graceless and ugly, pushing each other and trying hard to cling to rocks so they don't fall in the sea

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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