our hearts are blacker than murder

we can taste our ugliness

like the sea can taste its salt

our lips split open in fights

with shells of men incapable

of conversation or simple math

more revolutionaries get shot

than get free

and most people will open their

wallets but not

at the same time they open their


and there are places where endless rows of bodies move endlessly in endless rows of factories

most people are laughing just to keep from crying, if you'll let me steal a line

from some blues song

when you found me

my hair was all gone

and my teeth were lose

and my beard was unkempt

and you said i looked creepy

then you smiled

i thought you looked good

but i didn't say anything at all

and you said who are you here with

and i said no one

and you said well who do you hang out

with now and i said

________, and ________, and _______

mostly, i guess, are the people

you would know

and you said oh i don't like _________

and i said he's a good guy

and you said that he called you stupid

and i said well at least he didn't call you creepy

then neither of us laughed or smiled

at that like i thought we might

your boyfriend showed up

and we said hey how's it going

simutaneously, then i said

i better go and went and sat down by my myself

and i drank as many cans of guinness as i could

before the music started

a year and a half later you called me

on my birthday and i didn't know

what to think about that

only that there was a mystery missing between us now

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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