"and the song said, 'let's be happy, and i was happy. it never made me happy before'"

this is by demand

so there's no words that are here right now that i really want to write

i am love in her though

so words words words

there was brightness all over today

and i read too much and it made things too bright maybe

everyone smiled at me though


even They did

and They want me to die

i meant it what They saw through

i threw away four dollars in an attempt to burst

and spent a quarter on sickly sweetness

fuzz and warmth and happiness and boredom and excitement and sadness and anger and joy, mostly joy

all at once were achieved

under amplified noise that's always there but couldn't drown things today

acne scarred smiles

and over silent swaying miles

they talk of doing drugs i've never even heard of

and i miss her

and i wish her

breath was on me

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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