i'm gonna try to get it all out fast

my back hurts so much that everything's this kind of blurred swaying light

but i haven't felt so much love in my heart for a while

and it's fine, it's fine

this man tonight was busting out the blues

beautiful and sweet and sad

all the robert johnson songs i love

('cept maybe milkcow's calf blues)

and made me feel guilty for loving 32-20 blues so much

you know and then going to hear this lovely country band after

with some harmonica playing that made you think rob's not the only one who sold his soul

and both places these different people who talk and it's fine

like not the usual friends and the usual talks and usual arguments, i like it

and it always makes me dizzy to look in yr. eyes, girl

if that's ok

i don't do it much, 'cause i can't handle it

if that's ok

and this boy is promising me all these amazing dvds to lend

fellini and fritz and bunuel

and we go into the bathroom at the bar and throw back some whiskey on the sly

and this fat girl kisses me goodnight

you know, and when you're riding on the western highway, and there's been no one for miles,

a pair of headlights look like god's eyes

and when you're riding up to heaven all alone and it's just black and cold

god's eyes look like headlights bearing down on you

last night i dreamt i touched your cheek with the back of my fingers

then your fingers were really long and you put them in my mouth

down my larynx and touched

the insides of my lungs

it felt like tree branches

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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