i pressed my face to the earth and heard the soldiers' feet stomping
far off but getting closer; my silhouette came into shape as i
stood up against the red sun shining; the church bells were quiet,
but down by the water the gypsies sang - one voice i heard clearly.

it sounded like yours and i couldn't make out the words, but
i was so sure sure they were a warning that the skies would
not stay this blue long and that what was mine would soon be
took by mightier men - i learned the melody and hummed.

this is nothing new; i bend back down to tie my shoes into
the same bows that never hold and to get out of the sunlight
for a minute and to wait for the coda; here comes the coda:

the stomps got louder and that was fine - i was ready to leave
everything but you baby, so i ran back to the castle to
shake you awake: "it's midday, let's head down to the river"

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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