we were both holy men, and when we spoke it was just the light preaching about the light to the light

dad, i asked if it made you happy

and all i heard was the ocean

a thousand miles away

and then you crying

you sent me away and then i learned

it took eighteen months

i met this lovely girl who wore

lovely hats on her lovely head

so you had to guess how beautiful

her yellow hair was

nose so shiny i could see myself in it

like the convex side of a silver spoon

her brother sat between us

with ugly handshakes

and i lost her and the world in bright colours

when he spoke and moved against me

it is hard for her to walk now

so they're going to scan her bones

her irises look like they've been bruised

brown and blue spots fading into each other

if you get close enough to see

her ankle is wrapped up in black hair

that i remember

and remember and remember and remember

that there was one more

falling out

so that was magic

but that was magic leaving you

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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