i'm looking for this picture i took

that i want to give to someone

and. in the process. going through some

pictures from a james brown concert

then there's you

in a shonen knife t-shirt and boxer shorts

smiling the cutest half-faked smile

and my heart stops for a second

i can remember what it felt like

to have our heads resting on each other

how it felt just to be around each other

and i'm aching so bad as i smile and remember

then there's a picture of my brother's hairy naked white ass

that he took when i left my camera unguarded

and i'll admit i once woke up hungover

sick, depressed, lonely and broke

and thought about how much more money i could have had then

for a minute before realizing how ugly and wrong that thought was

how much worse off i'd have been even right at that moment

if neither of us had ever got on a plane or a bus

i'm always surprised more people don't punch me in the face

in some attempt to save me from my own burning stupidity

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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