1. a gaze has collapsed the house on the cliff into the river
flowing fast below and i am clasping my hands, praying that
miraculous gaze should fall upon me - i will expect no apologies
if it happens to tear me apart and spill my blood on the cold white tiles.

2. i watched, i listened as your sublime laughter shook the petals
off the hyacinths. from there they went back to the earth
to rot. alone, but oh how tremendous a way to
lose everything - resonating with sound as we slowly fall.

3. we were out on the porch when that hated neighbour came by
with a grimace on his face and not much time left as his heart attacked
- you pulled out your little heart and placed it in his

dirty hands - it beat quickly and when he put it in his chest it
burst, but his mouth moved first and as he bled out into the grass
i lifted your heart and apologized for the mess to come.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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