after i signed us up for this,
i smashed the back of the car into
a telephone pole

it was loud enough that people
ran out of the studio
to see what happened

i heard them laughing at me
across the parking lot
as i got out to check the damage

barely noticeable

so i drove off the wrong way
down a one way
to avoid driving past them;

i came back
with you on my arm
and music in my blood

we sweated and stepped
in others' ways
as they tried to make love
while remaining holy

we drank ice water
and bled
ugly red flowers

we were far from holy
and knew the love making
would not happen on the dance floor

for slow learners
with poor posture

my kidneys hurt
my liver, too
my teeth, yeah
my skull, throbbing
i wanted to vomit;

i laughed
with you

and watched you move your hips
like you knew what you were doing

it wasn't the samba-
it was the urgent
april rain

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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