about a week ago i saw steve malkmus

live and in concert

there's probably only a couple people who understand how amazing and important that was to me

the reason i bought a guitar

the reason i pretend i can sing

the person who made me understand you can be serious and sad and heartbreaking and beautiful at the exact same time you're being silly and and smart-ass and ridiculous and insane

and so on

then there was radiohead who were awesome and fantastic

possibly the best live band i've seen

you know

and i kept looking the whole time for naomi and her cute pseudo-afro

she was probably just a few feet away

for some reason it would have been better if i knew that at the time, i think that we were sort of watching/listening/dancing(badly) together.

whenever i see cops i assume they want to harm me and people i know in some way

that is just doing their job, you know.

and here's a stupid story i wrote when i was drunk last night(typos fixed):

there was this little bird

and it always sang the prettiest

beautifulest fucking songs

(it's best to always follow

the word beautiful with the suffix

est and the word fucking

) and it was melodies like

from the best parts of a day in the life

by the beatles the prettiest melodies

except even prettier sometimes

the bird would make them and then

one day the bird was singing so pretty like that

and this guy walks by and he goes

what the fuck are you talking about ?!?!?

and the bird keeps singing (little bird)

and the guy he goes


and the bird stops singing and goes

oh, says,

oh sorry

and then it never sang again

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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