she celebrated her
divorce by fucking
as many men as she
could before it
became final

and the only one
she propositioned
that turned her
down was her

he said
'only if it
will save
our marriage'

so she went home

the cat
had pissed all
over the wedding
photo album

and she will move back in
with her parents

and her cousin says hey
we should start hanging out more
and her co-worker says hey
you left your bracelet at my house
last night
and my friend says hey
you can see her snatch when
she sits down in that skirt

she smiles more
she smokes more
she drinks more

there was a time when she woke up
before the sun rose
and would listen to him sleep
and her thoughts would be gentle
and her thoughts would be sweet

then there was a time when she woke up
and watched him in the mirror
while he stood and brushed his teeth
and her thoughts were jesus what
a god damn mess we are in

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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