let's start a club for people who don't believe capitalism has really won

"what're we listening to?"

"miles davis"


"miles davis"

"is it jazz?"

"ha, yes"

mostly, to me, it would seem more ethical

to kill for things than to pay for them

i am lacking some part of me that could

understand personal property as a right

and a normal part of human society

rather than a threat of death to everyone who might want what you have

sure i can be talking about love, too

and bodies

'cause once something is for sale it all is

and when i'm off selling myself will you miss me

will you still want me when my body learns to move

in the most productive way possible

when it loses its clumsy awkward beauty

what i want is to be wanted while i'm worthless

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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