if you're writing songs for the revolution

you gotta make them easy to sing

i told this woman with blonde hair

that her raspy

voice is beautiful

i said just:

'you have a beautiful voice'

but what is more beautiful

is the sound of a single

brown curled dead dry leaf

crackling against the sidewalk

when i kick it and it rolls

you've to pay attention to

hear the best things

they are small

and sometimes we're happier

drowning in all the noise

because the small things

poke and puncture the being

as they pull us up and out

and away

i'm talking about you and me,

specifically, here, honey eyes

i know nothing 'bout any

other human beings

but i'm trying hard to learn how to read

(it seemed a lot easier when i was three)

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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