no one can seem to see true unhappiness

swirling around us on wheels

growing up from the damp earth between us

burning down where the animals slept

but we still weep tears of thin leaf gold

that float down and cover all our skin

be proud of you dirty flesh as

one hundred forty seven soldiers

come to do your bidding

they are all right with some blood spilling

they have dobermen that will lick it up

and feel more love for the warmth that was running

in the dead men's bodies

than anyone had before

the sunrise was indestructible

and orange shimmered through it all

i saw her on french t.v.

in some strange plot

short and tanned and pretty

girl with a mustache

she was looking for her husband

or someone better and i

tried to think if it was wrong what i did

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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