Q. 'please be advised that several of your neighbours have
expressed to us their annoyance about the expressions
of ardour, or "screams" as one tenant phrased it,
emanating from your apartment at various times of the night.

although the tenants who conveyed their displeasure
regarding the noise do appreciate that, like they themselves,
everyone has a personal life, they simply request that
you keep your private life private.
thank you,
resident manager'

A. 'we have been holding it together all day and when it breaks open
of course there will be noise, and if we somehow kept
our mouths closed or found pillows thick enough to muffle

the joy and lust and truth we let loose from soft pink wet throats,
how could we silence the choir of angels singing warm tones
above our bed as the peaceful sunday morning quietly comes?'

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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