some favourite goofy song lyrics, lately:

"see the losers in the best bars

see the winners in the dives

where the people are the real stars

for the rest of their lives"

"well you spew and spit as i sit and sigh and shift as you cry and fall apart

and i slither away like the snake i am: sneaky snake with an icy heart

you know that out here, on the prairie, dreams are made of sod

when those black clouds come a rollin' in, they can turn your dreams to mud"

"slim, relaxed, buyin' wine at the qfc

on this snowy saturday night

black pearls and i swear you were drinking beer

you were the redhead behind the counter there

i'm the one who fell out of his chair there

you had your dry cleaning and I think you were dreaming"

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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