so i was going to tell you about this guy

tonight who came into my work, this guy

all gushing blood and covered in lots of blood

he walks into the bathroom bleeding away

and and so i go get a first aid kit and go into the bathroom

he's still bleeding lots and it's out of his hand it is torn and messy

and i start to bandage him up and he tells me like

"i've lived in this neighbourhood fifteen years

and now all of a sudden there's all these punk kids acting like they own the place"

i've lived in this neighbourhood for fifteen years, too

and as far as i can remember there've

been packs of kids roaming the area at

night trying to act like they're thugs

the whole damn time

anyway, i ask what happened and he says

"you know they were just trying to stare me down and i wasn't going to have it so then one of them pulled out a knife - i tried to grab it from him but i grabbed blade instead it sliced me up real bad, so then like there were a bunch of his friends there too so i decided it was best to come over here and they took off because they probably thought i was gonna call the cops, but i'm not like that. shit and look at the rest of my hand"

"yeah what happened there?"

"i got attacked by a dog, my friend's dog a couple days ago, it didn't recognize me. it's fucking teeth went right through my whole hand. punctured the tendon right there"

"shit, it's been a rough few days on that hand"

so then we leave the bathroom to tape

up the gauze i've wrapped his wounds up with

and this girl i work with recognizes him

he says he doesn't know her, but like

he used to be into some bad shit, some bad times and he doesn't remember much

from the past few years

now he's done with all that, and he was just trying to go up to visit his daughter until these punks had to start shit and could he maybe use the phone for a bit

"yeah just dial nine first"

"do i have to dial nine first or something?"


his knapsack is soaked with blood and i wonder what he had tried to get out of it

i've got bad moon rising blaring on the stereo

"your flesh has a limit

of too many years

it's a shock absorber of your stinging tears"

then he turns to leave and the girl i work with says to me "you should be a medic" and he says "yeah i'll be back with your medal tomorrow man"

then he's gone and the girl i work with tells me he used to be a big-time dealer

now he's not, though, and that's the story i would have told only to you if i had had the chance to tell you

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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