the words pour out all ugly everywhere

like your fat white tits

and your desperate love

and your desperate voice

asking to be loved in a language

nobody else understands

sometimes the music doesn't help

only feeling the warmth

of someone's hand in yours

could make you belive there's

any other hearts bothering

to pump blood in this fucking place

we're both doing the opposite of crying

our eyes are drying right up

becoming useless and brittle

too small for our bones to hold them in

this is gonna get too long

and no one's gonna bother finishing reading it but

the unhappiest women i see at my job are single, fat and in their thirties

the most bitter ones write down their debit transactions in the checkbook right at the counter

holding up the line for three or four minutes

while they dig everything out of an enormous purse, and put it all away

i never try to rush them, or help anyone else while they do this

the happiest ones, but they're still miserable, have small cute dogs

everyone pets the dog and asks how old it is and you can tell it makes the owner's day

we have dog treats to give out and the dogs are always excited, 'cause they know

the unhappiest men i see are skinny, single and in their thirties

the most bitter ones smoke extra mild, or extra light cigarettes

they always ask if the price went up again

and they like to complain about the service and how much better it used to be

it makes them feel good if i say stuff like "well i'll have to have a talk with A____ about that"

as if i really am upset with whichever employee they complain about

the happiest ones, but they're still miserable, always have two or three days of stubble

never a beard, but never cleanly shaved


like to make jokes, but usually only have two or three that they repeat every time

they get upset if you don't react, but more upset if your laughter sounds fake

it's best to pretend that you're trying hard not to laugh

and all these people are obviously a lot more than what i see

and probably beautiful in a lot of ways

it's just these little similarities that stand out
small dead spots in their souls

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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