at work today:

this guy says "kirk...CAPTAIN KIRK"

i say my standard "you know, you're the first person to ever say that?"

sort of routine

he ignores that and says "CAPTAIN KIRK ROCKS GIMME FIVE"

halfway towards giving him five

i notice his hand is deformed quite badly

i hesitate and slow down with the swing

barely touching the strange small crumpled hand

this really beautiful girl that i might have used to known came in

but i don't know if it was her

same smile, but she was wearing diamond crucifix earrings

there was nothing holy about her before

i decided it probably wasn't the same one

boy i work with says he doesn't have anything to do on his break

he sits silently and stares straight ahead

for one half hour without moving or doing anything

i think maybe he's meditating or maybe thinking deeply about something

so i leave him alone

exactly one half hour later he stands up

and looks at me and says, "that was really boring"

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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