the traffic is loud and the sky hangs heavy and thick
and solid - you could break it with a firecracker,
or a hot kiss - so we break it wide open: the sun shines
through and our skin burns and blisters and it is bliss, baby, bliss.

you wrap my fingertips in white flower petals and press
pink ones against my eyelids while i swallow all the sweetest
red and violet ones - they are soft on my skin, cool against
my eyes and tear apart quietly between my yellow teeth.

so all i see is your shadow and it is red red red
against the pink of my eyelids and the flowers and oh my lord
it is dancing and your laughter is full and heavy enough

to break my heart - so it breaks it wide open and now it is
all red red red under this scarlet sunset that will never
be seen but by our eyes resting in our skulls resting on this wet earth.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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