there's this enormous insect

that's a huge bug, she says

yeah, it's pretty gross, i say

disgusting, she says

i'm going to take it outside, i say

and so i go get a cup

why, she says

i dunno, i say

you should just kill it, she says

why, i say

it's ugly, she says

that's no reason to kill something, i say

yeah, but what purpose does it have, she says

it doesn't matter, i say

and i trap it in the cup by putting

a copy of la chute, by camus on top

and i take it outside

and let it go two inches from this guy's face

he doesn't really think that's too funny

i don't have a damn thing to do

but i'm always so fucking busy

i'd like a nice meal

then a slow death due to loss of blood

where i have a good amount of time to see light,

angels, and the face of god

before everything turns black

or turns to heaven or hell or whatever

it turns to

i bet the angels would have high voices with nordic accents that vibrate the air in holy patterns like crystals make light shimmer

ha, this guy says, you were flirting with the construction girl

yeah, i say

too bad she's not hot, he says

oh well, i say

well she's kind of hot, he says

no, she's not, i say

well in her own way, he says

no, i say

well, i don't know why you would flirt with her if you don't think she's hot, he says

well i'm ugly too, and she was good enough to still flirt with me first

but i don't say anything

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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