my girlfriend (sorry to break all

your hearts) calls and says

you can call me on this

cell number if you want

we're going to the truckstop

for a meeting

we have to make plans

there's been an incident

what kind of incident i ask

and then she explains that her

friend in b.c. has this boyfriend

and that he got mad at her and

slammed her head in the door

then threw her down a flight of stairs

so now her and her friends are

dropping everything

jobs school plans and

going on a road trip with

two rented trucks to haul

the friend her two

kids and all her shit

to our city

to rescue her

from this asshole

and well i'm just

saying my girl

her house is messy

her socks never match

and she ain't rich but

she is kind

like christ

and that is

the hottest

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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