the cat growls
in its sleep and
i leave to meet you at the train station

at the crosswalk
i step out in front of a car that wasn't
going to slow down -
but there's a cop car behind him, so he has
to stop; he
rolls down the window and yells "CHECK BEFORE YOU CROSS"

i yell "AT A CROSSWALK?" and he replies "I'LL RUN YOU OVER"
to which i have no response

shaking his fist

the moon has cooled the air
and i hear it laughing at me
when i stumble while
descending the hill

it is difficult
to go on
embarrassed in front of all the

but i see you walking
this way
and i am invisible again
in all this smoke and fire


Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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