one night when my dad was still alive

after basketball practice

he brought me a plate

with four crackers

each with a slice of cheddar cheese

on it

somehow all the crackers were soaking wet

falling apart as i picked them up

so i said

'these crackers are soggy'

my dad gave this really pained look

like he was really hurt

and said

'i drive you to basketball practice and bring you a snack and that's all you can say?'

so i ate all the little wet pieces

that the crackers fell into when i tried to pick them up

and the pieces of cheese

while he stood and watched

then he turned and left

right now i'm bleeding on ghosts

and i wish you would stop saying dumb shit all the time, babe

but if you find a kind word, let it come, let it come

if you are ready to forgive, let it come

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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