6am and i haven't slept
yet i
don't know what i'm waiting for:

the sun is merciless
as lonely as the moon

one time i watched your boyfriend
giving you flowers

the flowers were
dull orange
and i still
love them

i don't remember
the last time
i gave you flowers

and you probably don't

i would guess they were orange too
a darker shade, though, maybe
cut and placed in a glass vase

for maybe a week

while we all missed the rain

we are punished for what we do wrong
and we are punished for what we do well

so try not to do anything

one time your boyfriend told me
that guys like me are a dime a dozen

he was an asshole

but if guys like me were for sale
we'd probably go pretty damn cheap

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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