pornographers are the new prophets

as life becomes more plastic

conversation becomes more trivial

just there to fill in the spaces

between fucking and to lead up fucking

and to make us think we have some

reason for fucking there is no

consideration of spirituality or

love or emotion or death or birth

the acting is getting worse and worse

my fake smile has devolved to an ugly sneer

that no one would mistake as earnest

all the honest smiles i see are heartbreakingly sad

we define our selves quickly by our careers or our possessions or our accomplishments or our common friends

so we can move on to more triviality

everything is brightly lit there are no shadows or backlighting or mystery or atmosphere

fetishism overcomes everything

s&m, mutilation, role-playing, toys, stockings, cell-phones, cars, voyeurism, music, exhibitionism, vinyl, leather, air-conditioning, golden showers, fast food, fake tits

these things let us forget the lack, or the castration fear

the money shot is as good as it gets for most people

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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