i watched the tv, while eating spaghetti

for breakfast. i drank fruitopia, and wiped orange sauce from my lips

grabbed my board, and skated

outside, to god knows


i came back in a few hours.

friday night was great. yeah,



the anarchy sign spray painted

on the pavement.

someday, we'll be weirdos too.

and wander the dim lit streets

and have strange disappearing acts

while the normal people out walking dogs

would stare.

we filled ourselves with vodka

this other night

and we could hear the sirens off in the


somebody died tonight.

but the stars still shined

and we smelled like the


and the

grass that we rolled on,

and alcohol.

get high on jones,

and skate some more.

and somehow, we wind up dancing

and stumbling towards each other

and collapsing in each other.

this following summer,

will be just like that.

and we'll have the time

of our lives

all over


carpe diem=seize the day.

carp in denim=there's a fish in my pants.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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