it's part of a long line

and under the starsshine

i could say the cruelest thing

but i don't

it's too hot outside

but it's much worse in here

the holy men tell me there will be suffering

and blasphemers tell me that i should hope

wise men tell me to seek the truth and i will find it, patient

and my friend tells me it's gone

there's no more truth, but still and only honesty

the food we eat now isn't worth the dishes it dirties

and i don't want your knowledge or your power or your money or anything to eat

you tell me love is only hard to find

but i doubt anything stays hidden that long

and i certainly doubt i'd be the one to find it

not until we all let each other know we're weak and ugly

look in a mirror, look at me, look at anyone

and love: the bodies are all sick

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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