you know, when it's icy

it's safest to drive in

the fancy neighbourhoods

'cause the city salts

those streets first

seems a small injustice

until you think about it

but there's worse, there's worse

whenever people mention karma

like they believe in it

i remember a few of us

drinking and talking about

whether there was such a thing

and this girl saying

that she had been raped

by three men

and then later found out

she was pregnant with one of their children

and she could not and would not believe

that she had ever

or that her soul in any past lives it had lived,

could ever have fucking

done something so awful, or wrong, or cruel

to have caused that to happen to her

she would have to kill herself if

she thought she had

and so, no, i don't believe in karma

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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