this guy at the bus depot

everyone who showed up

for the bus to vancouver

and stuff on the way

he'd tell them how nice

it was outside

they'd agree and

he'd mention how the weather was

bad up until that day

and that he was gone until

wednsday and it better be still

nice when he got back

the people would either nod

or say something in agreeance

he would ask them where they were going

they'd tell him

and not ask him back

and he'd nod his head and smile and look away

this happened with every single person who sat down in the two rows of chairs

at our gate

except me

he looked at me

and looked away

i feel sick to my stomach tonight

i tried to fix our plumbing tonight

and fucked it up pretty bad

turning on the hot water

causes fast flooding right now

i'll make it better in the morning

something's always leaking in this house

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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