fortune boy makes his money

by pissing people off

(cutting them off in traffic with his suv

smoking in non-smoking restaurants

messing up people's fast food orders

answering his cell-phone in the middle of movies

parking in the hand-capped spot

sending out spam for porn-sites and penis-enlargement

emptying out toilet paper dispensers in public bathrooms

voting republican

letting his dog shit on the sidewalk and not picking it up

standing in line-ups after not bathing or using deodorant

and so on)

and then stealing their swear jars

he is like the swear jar fairy

he leaves notes for when they wake up

that say "next time breathe deeply

count to ten and reflect on what's

really important"

and people say "what kind of shit is this

and where's all my god damn swear money

i had enough saved up to buy a fucking ounce"

fortune boy steps up and says

how he carried his brother's broken

body over mountains through the

valley and across rivers and that

now he must lay it down

so his mother can see one

more son lifeless and weep and grieve

for one hundred nights and his

sister stays silent her teardrops

move the light the same way

that her mother's moans move the air

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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