you know a while ago there was this bird

it flew into the window at my work

and it was pretty fucked up

kind of twitching

just sitting there on this ledge

i was hoping it wouldn't die

and this fat man

gets out of the passenger seat

of the suv his wife is driving

and on his way in to buy himself two chocolate bars

he stops and kind of pokes the bird

and scares it, so it tries to fly away

but it's still too fucked up

from smashing headfirst into the window

so it's flying in random circles and

making strange swerves and eventually

just falls to the ground in the

burger king drive-thru

right in front of this white car

(from the late eighties, and curveless)

well i go over to check if the bird is ok

and the car's tire has driven right over it

its body was crushed underneath that weight

and its head is kind of torn open

torn apart in this really horrible

way it made me feel sick

and sadder than it probably should have

and i don't really know what it has

to do with anything but ever since then

whenever i see someone beautiful

i want to tell them it would

be a crime to lose their beauty

it won't be found again

that there was a time when i was beautiful

fucking beautiful

and i threw away what made me that

and it won't be found again

now i'm just meat, blood, bones

driven by bad dreams and booze

constantly caving on its own heart

its own heart that's coming to pieces

i'd need better words to explain it, though

so it's obvious

so the necessity of staying graceful

while they're being strangled and choked

by failure and

suffocated by the disappointment piling on them

is obvious

so the necessity of staying beautiful through all the misery that we all suffer through before we end is obvious

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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